Travel Policy and Procedures

As a member of Royal Excursions, we hold ourselves to a HIGH standard. We want you to kick off your shoes, relax and explore! However, as we explore there are a few guidelines we must follow. 
We highly recommend that prior to booking any of our trips, you read through the information provided. This will eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings after payments have been made.
Pre-Registration for a trip means that you would like to be notified once a trip has opened. Open registration is booking and securing your slot with your NON- REFUNDABLE deposit. Be aware that if an event is added to the group, this does not indicate that the information will be available at that time. The event tab within our group is to share with you that this event will be taking place and we will post updates once registration has been opened and finalized.

We highly recommend that prior to booking, you read through the information provided so that there is no confusion after your payment have been submitted. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Double/Single Occupancy
The rates on Royal Excursions, LLC will be based on double or single occupancy unless otherwise noted. If you are a single traveler, you MUST book as single. If you are room matched, your price will be adjusted accordingly. 
Travelers that wish to travel as a single will be billed a single supplement rate, and this rate will be determined by the selected vendor. An administrator will contact all travelers with the single supplement rate and confirm that you would still like to move forward with the booking.
Trip Confirmation
Once a traveler has registered, they will be contacted within 24-72hrs to confirm their interest in the trip. Once you are confirmed (meaning deposits have been paid), you will be added to a smaller group on social media that is specific to that trip and our community group; Royal Excursions, LLC. There you will be able to engage with other travelers and ask questions within the groups. In the smaller group, if you have booked single, you can also request to be room matched.
An email will always be sent out at the beginning of each month to remind you that a payment is near. You will receive an email at the beginning of the month and another reminder 3 days after. You are responsible for keeping up with your payment schedule. All travelers will have until the 15th day of the month to make their payment. Payments received within the 7 day window will be processed within the 7 day window. If a payment is not received, you will be dropped from the trip on the 16th day. Additionally, each day a payment is late, beginning on the 8th day, you will incur a $2 late fee per day. If you do NOT make your late fee payment, you will not receive any final documents for your trip or any additional information. You will have 5 days, from day 16th to be reinstated with your trip which will incur a reinstatement fee of $125 for domestic and $225 for international trips and cruises. If a trip has been reinstated within the 5 day time frame after day 16th, your late fees will be added to the total cost of your trip, which however, will need to be paid PRIOR to making additional payments towards your trip. If we are unable to reinstate your trip, your monthly payments EXCLUDING all deposits and late fee, all other paid amounts will be fully refunded. Please note that refunds will NOT include Deposits or late fees; those are NON REFUNDABLE, no exceptions. Please allow 7-10 business days for this refund to process. If your trip has been reinstated, all late payments occurred MUST be paid PRIOR to making your payments towards your trip. Please check your inbox, junk mail and spam folder daily.
Passport and Visas
Passports are always required for international travel. Depending on your departure country, some destinations will require travel visas. Cruises are an exception, however our policy strongly recommends that all travelers have a passport. Travelers participating in our cruises who do not have passports are hereby traveling at their own risk, should a missed departure/port takes place,  Royal Excursions, LLC and participating vendors will not be held liable for any additional cost of travel discrepancies. It is up to the traveler that all passports and visas are up to date. Just Travel And Explore, LLC will not be held liable for any penalty, loss, or invalid passport or visa materials. If a visa is required for entry for a Royal Excursions, LLC sponsored trip, travelers will be notified. If you do not have a passport, please click HERE to get more information. 
In the event of an Emergency
In the case of an emergency or ANY event that prevents you from arriving to our departing airport (snow storm, heavy rain, flight cancellations from your departing airport), you are responsible for arrangements to meet with the group. Royal Excursions, LLC is NOT responsible for making any arrangements for you to get to the airport where the group will depart from. If you are booked and later decided for whatever reason that you do not wish to travel and would like to sell you slot, Royal Excursions, LLC will assist you with adding the new traveler, however, if you cannot be replaced and you do not fall into the timeframe where you are able to receive a refund, we are not responsible. A name change will incur a change fee from the vendor.  If someone will replace a traveler, you are responsible for paying $225 name change fee, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Cancellation Policy
91 days or more prior to departure-cancellation fee $225.00 per person.
60-90 days prior to departure-cancellation fee $325.00 per person.
59 days or less prior to departure-NON REFUNDABLE for cancellations.

*Deposits are always non-refundable. No exceptions.
Travel Reminders
Domestic Trips- Airfare is NOT included unless requested.
Immunization Shots- If shots are required for a trip, this is important information that we will always share with you. If they are not required by the vendor, but you see fit to get them, that is your choice to make, and the cost will not be provided by Royal Excursions, LLC.

COED/GIRLS/GUYS/SPECIFIC: All trips will be labelled according to the category. We provide COED trips, GIRLS trips, GUYS trips, EDUCATORS trips, FAMILY trips, etc.

AGE GROUP: Unless otherwise noted, the majority of our travelers are 21+. We do require a level of maturity on those  21+ trips. We do expect open-minded, respectful adults to attend our trips to have a great time. 

FAMILY TRIPS: Family trips that may have smaller travelers, we do expect a level of respect and friendilyness, all parents are responsible for their child's behavior and should supervise their child/children at ALL times. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our goal is to travel and meet other travelers, explore and learn; please leave everything else behind. Those who do not follow those simple rules are always subjected to be dropped from booking.

DIVERSITY: Royal Excursions, LLC openly invites ALL travel lovers to come travel and explore with us!
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