Social Media Policy

DO use our group to ask for recommendations about places to travel.

DO use our group to connect with others who are traveling to places you have or would like to explore.

DO use our group to encourage others to travel and spread the love.

DO use our group to share and show all of your amazing pictures from your travels.

DO use our group for engagement and fun relating to travel.

Please DO NOT comment on posts attempting to solicit others to join other groups. You WILL be immediately blocked! We strongly encourage you to travel and even create your own amazing travel experiences. However, it is not professional or acceptable to grow a following within our group.

Please DO NOT use Facebook messenger as a means to contact admin about group trips. You may do so through our email/registration trip forms.

Please DO NOT use the website's form to inquire about trips where the information about the trip is already posted under the trip section of the page. Clarifications are acceptable, but please READ all information and our Travel Policies and Disclosures prior to your inquiry.

Please DO NOT share our itinerary with travelers who are not booked, NO EXCEPTIONS. You could risked being dropped from the trip.


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